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The East Midlands airport could serve as a way of extending this northwards towards the A50 corridor. However, Government needs to emphasise the importance of shifting as much freight away from air and onto the railways. It could be desirable in encouraging the East Midlands airport to expand its range of services to intercontinental destinations. the noise and other impacts arising from any new runway at Birmingham International would be unacceptable. In addition, the development of a new airport at Rugby would not be acceptable on environmental grounds. Sydney Property Valuers do not see controlling or mitigating the environmental disbenefits to acceptable levels as possible at Birmingham or a new Rugby airport, though there may be an economic case for some expansion at Birmingham. However, the environmental impacts at East Midlands are acceptable.

On the one hand, the UK has learned the lessons of using a predict and provide an approach in planning for road capacity, that it is not sustainable. Aviation is no different and as such the Government must implement constraint measures on demand and supply sides, particularly fiscal measures so that aviation reflects its true social and environmental costs. On the other hand, accepting a certain degree of reality, some expansion of capacity in the Midlands is necessary.

11 in respect of the CP paid to Mr X on 2 October 1998. It also seemed to me that the errors and delays in his case had caused Mr X trouble and expense that went beyond what could be regarded as reasonable. I noted in particular the SSC’s comment on 18 April 1997 that BA’s failings had led to a waste of time and effort by Mr X. I accordingly asked the Chief Executive of BA if he would consider compensating Mr X for the gross inconvenience he had suffered, and if he would consider making a payment towards Mr X’s telephone and postal costs.

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